Unassuming Japanese ‘bedroom’ trader Takashi Kotegawa made a fortune from trading stocks "from home" in the early 2000s. He grew $13,600 to $153 million in just 8 years, literally from his bedroom!

The achievement of Takashi Kotegawa is so incredible that there is even speculation as to whether he is a man of flesh and blood. This is supported by the fact that this mysterious trader has virtually no photos available on the internet.

The Question Is: How did this timid Japanese trader, an ordinary guy like you and me, manage to generate such a staggering fortune ... just like that ... from his bedroom?


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But first...

I need to explain to you some things that only a very few people know about.

Discover the reality of financial markets, why the typical retail patterns will fail, and how “The Smart Money” seduces traders to hit the buy or sell button.

And while we're at it, let me also show you...

Why Most Systems Suck...And The Disturbing Reason Why Most People Lose Their Shirt When Trying To Make Money Trading.

So quickly...

Many new traders are surprised to learn that the markets can be manipulated in many ways. There are all sorts of professional interests in financial markets: brokers, dealers, banks, and trading syndicates.

However, the main price movements are funnelled down to a limited number of major players known as market-makers, or the ‘smart money’ or ‘professional money’. These traders are the ones that create a market.

They are able to see all the buy and sell orders as they arrive. They fill large blocks of buy or sell orders (with special trading techniques to prevent putting the price up against themselves or their clients).

These traders have the significant advantage of being able to see all the stop-loss orders on their screens.

They can see the exact balance of supply and demand and are aware of 'inside information'.

Yes, despite ‘insider dealing’ being illegal, let’s face it; privileged information is used all the time in different ways to make huge sums of money.

So, let's step out of the trading books and welcome to the real world!

Now, you must understand this...

Smart Money trading activity is shown in the volume and the price spread.

The volume is telling you how much trading activity there has been. The spread or price action is telling you the position the professional money are happy with on this activity.

The main thing smart money wants to hide from you is not the price but the VOLUME.

The more liquid or heavily traded a market is, the more difficult it will be to manipulate.

You see, the market-makers cannot just mark the price up or down at will, as this is only possible in a thinly traded market. In such a market, you will frequently see market manipulation, and you must expect it.

But, Smart Money need some windows of opportunity; like a temporary thinning out of trading orders on their books, or taking full advantage of news items (good or bad).

For example, you see a strong support level, maybe even a confluence area with a moving average or a round number, you buy expecting the price to go up, then the market drops below support, takes your stop loss, and then it shoots back up, maybe hitting your initial target. It happens all the time.

You see, the Smart Money are involved in hunting your stop loss because they need your stop to make money. Stop loss orders represent liquidity in the markets. And the big players need liquidity.

Those big players cannot just enter a trade at once, but they slowly have to build a position by “hunting for liquidity”. And stop loss orders in the markets are the best way to get liquidity.

Smart Money seduces retail traders to take trades in the wrong direction.

Two common trading myths...

The more obvious a support or level is, the stronger and more reliable the signals around it. Or, put your buy order right at the support level and your stop right below it. Those are just a few examples of things that you read in most trading books.

However, think about this for a moment…If everyone wants to buy at a certain price, who are they going to buy it from?

You need a seller for every buyer.

If the smart money want to buy a certain support level but expect the mass of other traders wanting to do the same, they’ll have to find ways to get traders on the other sides of their trades.

What smart money wants to do is seduce traders to take trades in the wrong direction. It’s a very simple thing to do, and you have noticed it before as well, probably without being aware of it.

Let’s say you want to buy a support level after a price drop. The price rarely stops right at that level. Only in trading books. In reality, you’ll see the price going through the level. It looks like the level isn’t holding, and the price is breaking out.

This scenario is ideal for smart money.

First, those traders who have impatiently bought a potential bounce off support see the price heading for their stops (which are essentially sell orders). And second, other traders are now looking to sell the breakout. Those retail traders are now selling to the smart money who are happily buying at a very good price, below support.

And now prices will rise and will take out the stops from the traders who sold the fake breakout – which is accelerating the bullish move even more. The traders who are left with profits are smart money. The frustrating part for retail traders, is that their initial idea of buying support was correct. But at the end of the day, they lost money.

Smart Money Is Triggering Your Greed and Fear

Let’s say the price is currently at 58 dollars and keeps falling towards the very important support level at 50, where you, and probably 90% of all other traders, want to buy. Very often, you’ll then see a reaction ahead of the level.

When the price starts consolidating at 52 dollars and starts moving up a few pips, the impatient retail traders will get very nervous and fear that the price has already found support and will take off without them. We, retail traders, are a very greedy bunch of individuals, and we hate it when the price misses our orders.

Smart Money, of course, knows this and will use it to their advantage.

They once again seduce the amateur traders to pull the trigger early and take a long trade even if the price hasn’t come to the actual support level yet. And you know what happens next, the Smart Money can now drive price further down, generating panic among the long positioned traders and then buy back from them when they exit their trades because they think the price is breaking down.

I mean, wouldn't you do the same - buy at the lowest price knowing you could sell it later for much more than what you bought it for? That's the trading game: buy low, sell high.

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Incognito Trader Formula will reveal Takashi Kotegawa's system that made him $153 million in just 8 years of trading. To be specific he traded from just $13,600 to 153 million dollars. Yes, that's right - 153 million. And what's even crazier, he did all of this in the span of just 8 years. That's insane!

The Incognito Trader will show you...

  • How to find the stocks to enter in.
  • How to find the right stocks in the right sectors.
  • How to use specific indicators.
  • How to take advantage of current market sentiment.
  • A step-by-step formula and settings to target the right levels.

By the way, Takeshi had specific conditions he was looking for when trying to find stocks to enter in.

He was mainly looking for stocks that were in a long term down trend and his goal was to try to find the bottom of that downtrend, to then profit from a short term reversal.

But he trades "up trends" too, and he just fine-tuned his strategy to whatever the current market sentiment was.

Takeshi, on average, was in his trades for around 2-6 days. Sometimes, he would hold his position for a week or two, depending on the conditions of the market.

For example, in the bear market, he would only look at particular stocks below a certain percentage of a specific moving average. His strategy ensured that the price would then surge, at which point he'd close the position at a profit. And he says this cycle would continuously repeat, generating continuous profit.

With Incognito Trader, you will completely avoid market manipulation!

Takeshi has specific conditions for stocks in the tech and biotech sectors that are much more volatile than stocks in the utilities sector, for example, which don't move as much. A big part of his strategy is finding the right threshold for specific conditions.

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That's right. Takashi never had a losing month using this method.

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